2415 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

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Sunday through Thursday

Friday & Saturday


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How do you pronounce 'Verre'?
Verre rhymes with 'share' or 'care', and it is the French word for 'glass'. We think that ordering by the glass is the best way to explore the world of wine because you get the opportunity to leave your comfort zone and taste bottles that you might normally hesitate to pick out for yourself!

Do you take reservations?
We are able to take reservations for parties of 6 or more. Please call us for more details.

Can I dine with you if I have Dietary Restrictions?
Absolutely! We have several vegetarian, vegan, and Gluten Free options, and we can adjust dishes as much as possible to fit your dietary needs.

How do I buy a gift card?
Call us or email service@verrewinebar.com and we can prepare a gift card for you. We can send it to you via mail or have it ready for the recipient to pick up on their next visit.

When is your Happy Hour?
We offer special pricing on selected Wines, Beers, and Small Plates every day from 4–7pm.

Can I buy wine to go?
All of the bottles that we offer in the restaurant are available to go at discounted take out pricing. If you're looking for a specific wine or beer that we don't currently have in stock, please visit our retail store Swirl & Sip in the Mosaic District.